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Comprehensive List of Berkeley’s Paths

Comprehensive List of Berkeley’s Paths

Index of Berkeley’s Pathways

This list contains the street address of the house at the bottom and the top of each of the officially numbered paths in the city. Paths are arranged in numerical order, but you can also sort this list by the names of the paths by clicking on “Path Names” at the top of the second column. At the bottom of the list are entries for seven additional paths that appear on our map. Four are in Berkeley but are not part of the numbered system; the other three are in Oakland, close to the Berkeley border.

Please report any errors or problems with the list to us. You may also look for the paths in a certain portion of the city by starting here.

Berkeley paths, with city path numbers:

Show: All - Built - Unbuilt
Path NumberPath NameLower Street AddressesUpper Street AddressesNotes
1Keoncrest Path1488-1545 Keoncrest Dr.1548-1552 Sacramento St.
2Terrace WalkSutter St. and Del Norte St.1042-1100 Shattuck Ave.
3Fountain WalkSutter St. and Del Norte St.Marin Circle west of Del Norte St.
4Yosemite Steps751-801 The Alameda1986-1992 Yosemite Rd.
5Indian Rock Path899-901 The AlamedaShattuck Ave. at Indian Rock Ave.
6Mendocino Path853-861 Arlington Ave.45-49 San Mateo Rd.
7Devon Lane (Lower)Somerset Pl. and Southampton Ave.763-765 San Diego Rd.Path goes through John Hinkel Park, but is difficult to follow.
8Devon Lane (Upper)763-765 San Diego Rd.163-168 Southampton Ave.Unbuilt
9Black PathSolano Ave. and Contra Costa Ave.928 Mendocino Ave.
10Laurel Lane767-771 San Diego Rd.dead endUnbuilt
11Tunbridge Lane729-735 Arlington Ave.89-101 Southampton Ave.
12Chester Lane117-131 Southampton Ave.682-690 San Luis Rd.
13Upton Lanesouth of 775 San Diego Rd.north of 768 San Luis Rd.
14El Paseo675-679 Vicente Ave.646-650 The Alameda
15Vincente Walk456 Vincente Ave.536-540 The Alameda
16Visalia Steps495-505 Vicente Ave.59-69 Menlo Place
17Indian Trail715-717 The Alameda1890-1900 Yosemite Rd.
18Santa Barbara Path597-601 San Luis Rd.572-576 Santa Barbara Rd.
19Eunice Steps2015 Eunice St.Eunice St. at Sutter St.
20Boynton Walk463-469 Arlington Ave.450-452 Boynton Ave.
21Maryland Walk439-441 Boynton Ave.408-416 Vermont Ave.
22Florida Walk69-70 Florida Ave.458-460 Michigan Ave.
23Acacia Walk619-625 Spruce St.610-620 Cragmont Ave.
24Acacia Steps537-543 Spruce St.598-600 Cragmont Ave.
25Holmes Path451-457 Kentucky Ave.456-460 Vassar Ave.
26North Path555-561 Cragmont Ave.580-582 Euclid Ave.
27Alta Vista Path731-733 Santa Barbara Ave.710-714 Spruce St.
28Poplar Path743-747 Spruce St.756-760 Cragmont Ave.
29Geneva's Path1336-1345 Neilson Ave.1313 Curtis St. & Gilman Ave.
30Halkin Walk (Lower)695-701 Cragmont Ave.698-700 Euclid Ave.Unbuilt
31Halkin Walk (Upper)696-713 Euclid Ave.698-702 Hilldale Ave.
32John Muir Path699-701 Grizzly Peak Blvd.698-700 Creston Rd.
33Rock Walk42-46 Rock Ln.800-810 Euclid Ave.
35Vistamont Trail626-641 Vistamont Ave.616-619 Vistamont Ave.
36Easter Way933-937 Spruce St.950 Regal Rd. & Cragmont Park
37Pinnacle Path979-981 Regal Rd.58-66 Poppy Ln.
38Poppy PathPoppy Ln. & Keeler Ave.1036-1042 Miller Ave.
40Billie Jean Walk911-917 Euclid Ave.918-924 Hilldale Ave.
41Keeler Path1049 Keeler Ave.1070 Keeler Ave. & 1053 Sterling Ave.
42Miller Path West1011-1013 Miller Ave.998-1002 Grizzly Peak Blvd.Unbuilt
43Latham WalkGrizzly Peak Blvd. and Latham Ln.1048-1050 Creston Rd.
44Miller Path EastOpposite 982 Grizzly Peak Blvd990-1000 Creston Rd.
45The Short Cut1125 Walnut St. & Oxford Elementary School1128 Oxford St. & Oxford Elementary School
46Oak Street Path2335 Oak St. & 1155 Glen Ave.1176-1178 Euclid Ave.
47Bret Harte Way1099-1101 Euclid Ave.1098-1104 Keith Ave.
48El Mirador Path (Lower)1125-1133 Euclid Ave.1118-1120 Keith Ave.
50El Mirador Path (Upper)1119-1123 Keith Ave.1112-1116 Cragmont Ave.
51Redwood Terrace1147-1149 Euclid Ave.1138-1140 Keith Ave.
52Martinez Path1147-1159 Keith Ave.1146-1148 Cragmont Ave.
53Covert Path (Lower)1175-1177 Keith Ave.1160-1168 Cragmont Ave.
54Covert Path (Upper)1161-1171 Cragmont Ave.1138-1146 Keeler Ave.
55Twain Way1137-1149 Cragmont Ave.1122-1124 Keeler Ave.Unbuilt
56Sterling Path1097-1099 Cragmont Ave.1070-1072 Keeler Ave.
57Bret Harte Path1099-1101 Keeler Ave.1082-1084 Sterling Ave.
58Cragmont Path1177-1197 Cragmont Ave.1166-1170 Keeler Ave.Unbuilt
59Eleanor Pathdead end1160-1168 Keith Ave.Unbuilt
60Whitaker Path1153-1155 Keeler Ave.1138-1144 Sterling Ave.
61Stevenson Path (Lower)1179-1181 Keeler Ave.1168-1170 Sterling Ave.
62Stevenson Path (Upper)1167-1171 Sterling Ave.1160-1168 Miller Ave.
63Shasta Walk1187-1195 Keeler Ave.2885-2887 Shasta Rd.Unbuilt
64Shasta Path2901-2905 Shasta Rd.Shasta Rd. & Miller Ave.
65Tilden Path2944-2946 Shasta Rd.1246-1250 Grizzly Peak Blvd.
66Hill Path1251-1269 Grizzly Peak Blvd.80-100 Hill Rd.Unbuilt
67Stoddard Path1165-1169 Miller Ave.1160-1162 Grizzly Peak Blvd.
68Betty Olds PathTwain Ave. & Sterling Ave.85-91 Whitaker Ave.
70Anne Brower Path1129-1133 Miller Ave.65-69 Stevenson Ave.
71Path 711099-1105 Sterling Ave.1096-1100 Miller Ave.Unbuilt
72Ina Coolbrith Path1097-1101 Miller Ave.1098-1100 Grizzly Peak Blvd.
73Patty Kates Path1088-1100 Woodside Rd.1077-1103 Park Hills Rd.
74Path 74Wildcat Canyon Rd.Hillview Rd. & Woodside Rd.Unbuilt
75Crescent Park Path2-10 The Crescent56-60 The Crescentthere is also an entrance between 28-40 The Crescent
76Fred Herbert Path (South)1130-1138 Woodside Rd.1131-1141 Park Hills Rd.
77Fred Herbert Path (Middle)1112-1114 Hillview Rd.1125-1141 Woodside Rd.
78Fred Herbert Path (North)Wildcat Canyon Rd.1113-1115 Hillview Rd.
79Scott Newhall Path90-100 Hill Rd.48-75 Hill Rd.
80Wildcat PathWildcat Canyon Rd.1149 Hillview Rd. & 1169 Park Hills Rd.
81Atlas Path1311-1321 Grizzly Peak Blvd.150-156 Hill Rd.
82Glendale Path (Upper)opposite 13 Fairlawn Dr.98-100 Fairlawn Dr.
83Glendale Path (Middle)1293-1305 Queens Rd.13-15 Fairlawn Dr.
84Glendale Path (Lower)1295-1305 Campus Dr.1291-1310 Queens Rd.
85La Loma Pathnorth of 1403 Glendale Ave.1310-1320 Campus Dr.
86Delmar Pathopposite 1421 Glendale Ave.31-35 Delmar Ave.Unbuilt
87Parnassus Path3079-3085 Buena Vista Way8-9 West Parnassus Ct.Unbuilt
88Columbia Path (Upper)1399-1407 Queens Rd.17-18 Columbia CircleUnbuilt
89Columbia Path (Lower)1365-1373 Campus Dr.1398-1400 Queens Rd.Unbuilt
90Columbia Walk151-157 Fairlawn Dr.1338-1342 Grizzly Peak Blvd.
91Grizzly Path185 Hill Rd. & 1371 Grizzly Peak Blvd.1328-1336 Summit Rd.Unbuilt
92Summit Path1419-1425 Grizzly Peak Blvd.1396-1400 Summit Rd.Unbuilt
93Avenida Path130-140 Avenida Dr.1448-1452 Grizzly Peak Blvd.Unbuilt
94Harding Pathwest of 1569 Campus Dr.1504-1510 Olympus Ave.Unbuilt
95Wilson Path1585-1589 Campus Dr.1572-1580 Olympus Ave.Unbuilt
96Wilson Walk9-14 Wilson Circle1504-1506 Summit Rd.
97Berryman PathBerryman St. & Shattuck Ave.south of 1256 Spruce St.
98Hawthorne Steps1409-1423 Scenic Ave.1410-1414 Hawthorne Terrace
99Rose Glen Alley2235-2241 Rose St.east of 2204 Glen Ave.Unbuilt
100Tamalpais PathEunice St. & Euclid Ave.north of 137 Tamalpais Rd.
101Northgate Path2754-2760 Shasta Rd.90-99 Northgate Ave.
102Rose Walkopposite 1400 Euclid Ave.1400 Le Roy Ave. & 2555 Rose St.
103La Loma Steps1497-1501 Le Roy Ave.2593-2597 Buena Vista Way
104Rose Stepsopposite 2637 Rose St.opposite 1401 La Loma Ave.
105Vine LaneVine St. & Hawthorne Terrace1496-1500 Euclid Ave.
106Hill Court Steps2519-2522 Hill Ct.1542-1544 Le Roy Ave.
107Cedar PathCedar St. & La Loma Ave.2710 Cedar St.
108Hilgard Path1647-1675 La Loma Ave.south of 1616 La Vereda Rd.Unbuilt
109La Vereda Stepstop of Virginia St.end of La Vereda Rd.
110Le Conte Pathtop of Le Conte Ave.dead end at Lawrence Berkeley LabUnbuilt
111Highland PathHighland Ave. & Ridge Rd.dead end at Lawrence Berkeley LabUnbuilt
112Le Roy Steps1666-1675 Le Roy Ave.2580-2600 Hilgard Ave.
114Bancroft StepsBancroft Way & Warring St.Bancroft Way & Prospect St.
115Orchard Lane (Lower)1 Orchard Lane & 7 Panoramic Way3 Orchard Lane & 77 Panoramic Way
116Orchard Lane (Upper)101-107 Panoramic Way59-65 Arden Rd.
117Mosswood Lane1-3 Orchard Lane13-31 Mosswood Rd.
118Arden Stepsopposite 37 Mosswood Rd.95-100 Arden Rd.
119Arden Path95-100 Arden Rd.Panoramic Way
120Garber Path2825-2826 Garber St.2844-2845 Garber St.
121Avalon Walk2827-2828 Palm Ct.2901-2904 Avalon Ave.
122Pine Path2851-2901 Russell St.2920-2922 Avalon Ave.
123Oak Knoll Path2933-2937 Russell St.2934-2938 Avalon Ave.
124Encina Walk12 Oakvale Ave.2 Encina Pl.
125The Footway22-26 The Uplands15-18 Hillcrest Ct.
126The Steps81-85 Hillcrest Rd.81-85 Hillcrest Rd.
127Crossways64-70 The Uplands145-151 Hillcrest Rd.
128South Crossways14-15 Roslyn Ct.142-152 Hillcrest Rd.
129Tanglewood Pathnorth of 3 Tanglewood Rd.opposite 100 Stonewall Rd.
130Claremont Path267 Hillcrest Rd.165-220 El Camino Real
131The Cutoff95-99 The Plaza Dr.62-66 El Camino Real
132Oakridge Pathnorth of 1 Hazel Rd.30-34 Oak Ridge Rd.
133Oakridge Steps85-91 El Camino Real92 Oak Ridge Rd.
134Park Path45-51 El Camino Real49 Oak Ridge Rd.
135Willow Walk163-171 Alvarado Rd.275-277 Alvarado Rd.
136Sunset Trailmiddle of Eucalyptus Path (Oakland)middle of Willow Walk
140Great Stoneface PathYosemite Rd. & San Fernando Ave.west of 1932 Thousand Oaks Blvd.runs through Great Stoneface Park

Other paths, in Berkeley and nearby cities (without path numbers):

Path NameLowerStreet
(Adjacent Addresses)
Upper Street
(Adjacent Addresses)
Acton Crescent PathActon Circle Sacramento St. between Addison St. and Allston Way  
Eucalyptus Path (Oakland)Alvarado Place Alvarado Road  
Evergreen Path (Oakland) Alvarado Place (Oakland) bottom of Evergreen Lane  
Ohlone Greenway Path runs through Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, RichmondOhlone Park - Hearst & MLK Runs from Berkeley to Richmond
Santa Fe Right-of-way Junction with the Ohlone Greenway (near Cedar Rose Park) Bancroft near Bonar Follows old railway tracks
Short Cut (Oakland)Tunnel Road (Berkeley) Alvarado Road  
Unnamed Path (Berkeley)between Solano and Los Angeles Avenues a bit west of Marin Circle