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Path Locations

Path Locations

Examples of our Paths Map (previous edition), organized by each area of the city:

Area 1: Northern portion of Berkeley, from John Hinkel Park northwards to the Kensington border (map).

Area 2: The part of Berkeley that surrounds Marin Circle, west of Spruce Street and north of Rose Street (map).

Area 3: Stretching from Lake Anza in Tilden Park in the northeast to the intersection of Eunice and Spruce Streets in the southwest, and to the southeast of Marin Avenue (map).

Area 4: Immediately north of the Cal campus from the Rose Garden in the northwest to the Lawrence Hall of Science in the southeast (map).

Area 5: All pathways that are located to the south of the Cal campus and to the east of College Avenue (map).

Area 6: Pathways, greenways, and other trails that are located in the western parts of Berkeley (map).